Slack Integration

Integrate UXTesting in Slack and collaborate on your research

Work together with your team and stay up to day with your usability testing project with UXTesting’s integration for Slack. Get notified whenever a participant completes a research in the channel of your choice or when a colleague joins your project.

Analyze your research and review the comments and reported issues from all the videos in your project in one Slack channel. Track the right issues with color coding marking the severity of the issues your team reported.

How it works

  1. To install UXTesting’s integration to your Slack account, go to your account on UXTesting (on the top right) and click on Slack Integration.
  2. Fill in your account information to connect your UXTesting and Slack accounts.
  3. On Slack, select a channel and click “Add app” to add “UXTesting Notification”
  4. Go to your project on UXTesting, go to settings, and turn on Slack Notifications.
  5. Select a channel to receive our notification.

This function only supports paid accounts on the UXTesting platform.
If you are interested in UXTesting’s integration for Slack, or if you have any questions or technical issues; feel free to reach out to us at

Make collaborating with your team efficiently by bringing it into existing channels of communication and make your research more effective with a Slack integration for UXTesting!