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Global User Interaction

By the mobile and desktop devices, we help record the real users’ interaction with digital products to understand user’s behavior globally.

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Business Intelligence

With Artificial Intelligence technology, we grab the user insights by the emotion detection, voice recognition and eye-tracking to understand the customers experience and help corporate growth and gain the customer royalty.

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Customer Happiness Insights

By Surveys and Data Analysis, we help understand how satisfied users feel and how to optimize experiences to gain the customer royalty.

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Agile and Efficient
Effective World Data (Remote)
Cost–Effective (Time and Money)
Actionable Data
Qualified User Case
Objective Results
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“ A versatile and fantastic cross platform solution to usertesting needs, enabling anyone to build and run tests quickly & easily. ”

“ Of all the products we've evaluated, UXTesting has, by far, the most promising feature set for capturing both quantitive and qualitative metrics needed for robust mobile UX design. ”

“ Mobile user experience testing with UXTesting is really easy. I especially love the feedback from the user’s face and screen touches on a mobile browser. Great for mobile app testing! ”